And now, Ladies and Gentleman, it’s time to open up the questions post for The Thirst, my debut novel! Pending notification from an agent or publisher, the tentative date for release is June 15th, and I wanted to open up this slot here for you to ask questions you might have. Feel free to leave a comment with a question, and the name of the Character you’d like to have answer it!

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a vampyr for real? Have some long-running questions you want answered?
Do you have this innate desire to know how Lucien’s hair feels? Or what kind of shampoo Izzy uses? Or would you rather know more about the ever-present Jasper, whose love life is as secret as his origins?

For more info on the story, stay tuned to the website or social media for more updates!
And there is no such thing as a stupid question, so no questions are off limits, and no question is too heavy or too mundane.

Before the book’s release, I will gather all the questions I gain and pick out the best ones to answer in a newsletter, and the rest will be answered on The Thirst’s page HERE

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