I didn’t want to come back to Briar Creek. But, story of my life, I never get what I want. So I’m gonna grin and bear it, get shit done, and get the hell out of Dodge.

Well, right after I slip between the sheets with this sexy librarian who seems to have the hots for me.

I’ve already warned him about me–I have no plans to stay here any longer than necessary, and I don’t do relationships.

But what man ever listened to a woman? Especially one that offered a challenge like I did.

How was I supposed to know the guy was Mothman?

The Thirst — Remy Cavilich

Paranormal Romance

Loving a human woman with anxiety is hard. It’s even harder when you’re a brooding, gothic, antisocial vampyr with an insatiable hunger for her blood, among other things…
Meet Lucien Sabatini, a 200-year-old vampyr elite who doesn’t adhere to the accepted stereotypes of being a creature of the night. He’s walled himself off from others for hundreds of years to avoid emotions, and he’s been an unfeeling mess ever since. But when his interest is piqued by a beautiful woman in a newspaper photo, he finds himself driven to hunt her down and orchestrate her presence in his Italian villa for a week. He must bring himself to keep from devouring her when the Thirst takes over him, but when her time in Italy is up, will he be able to let her go? And when his sordid past as a human catches up to him, will it cost Lucien more than he’s willing to give up?


Debut Author

Remy Cavilich

Remy is a West Virginia native with a colorful and diverse upbringing who has dreamed of bringing relatable and transforming stories to life for readers. From her colorful hair to her fiery personality, she stands out in a way few dare to, and so do her stories. Writing across multiple genres, she puts to use her college studies in English/Creative Writing and her real-life experiences to bring readers the narratives that keep us wanting more. Click below to learn more.

Completed Books

Works In Progress

Planned Books

Other Books

By Any Other Name

(New Cover Coming Soon) 

Roxanne Smith was just trying to get through university when an unexpected visit from a strange figure sends her hurtling back in time, and she wakes to find herself in what she thinks–or hopes–is a dream. She is part of a caravan headed to the newly-crowned Artaxerxes III, King of Persia, a concubine gift from his uncle.

She doesn’t expect the king to take an immediate liking to her.

But what happens when she begins to fall for the king? And when a spiritual ritual leaves them with more questions than answers, will she finally admit this is more than a dream?


Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.

– Virginia Woolf


September 11th, 2021

2021 Para-Con WV

Do you like the paranormal? How about touring old pennitentiaries? If spooky shit is up your alley, come see me at 2021’s Paranormal Convention at Moundsville Penn in West Virginia.

See my events page for more details and a link to the event website!

In The Works

Coming September 8th, 2021

The Hunger

Sequel to The Thirst ~ Paranormal Romance

Continue the saga of Izzy and Lucien in book two of the Out For Blood Series. More details to come, watch the dedicated page for The Thirst or subscribe to the newsletter for more updates!

Estimated Release December 2021

Direwolf Dilemma: The Rise of Rebekah

Book One in the Season of the Genetic Superwolves series

Direwolf Dilemma

(New Cover Coming Soon)

Thirteen years ago, a Rogue Werewolf Healer started down a path of destruction, kidnapping, and experimentation that left many dead, and some forever altered thanks to his genetic experiments. He’d been trying to create the perfect werewolf; his own niece, Rebekah, was his first successful specimen.

Rebekah Marshall vowed to take her pack into her own hands and to hell with anyone who stood in her way. She could do anything a man could, and she would prove it. She’d given up finding her mate, but when he suddenly appears on-scene, will she finally have everything she’s been waiting for? Will her plan to be the first female leader fall to the wayside, her desire for love consuming her? Sometimes we are fated to be someone more, do something more, than what we had ever imagined possible.

Estimated Completion April 2022

Lessons In Lycanthropy: Augustine’s Awakening

Sequel to Direwolf Dilemma Paranormal/Chick Lit/Romance

MMF Mature Adult Scenes

Follow the cast of The Genetics Series as they gear up for crazy, heart-wrenching, nonstop exciting moments in the second installment to the Genetics Series of werewolf books.

Find more information on this title, and its predecessor, on the Genetics Series page below, or in our newsletter

Remy’s Blog

Interact and Explore

I’m Coming to a City Near You!

Readers!! I'm doing two events as of right now, in my home state of WV. I'll be in Flatwoods in August at the Pagan Pride Festival, and in Charleston in late October, at the WV Book Festival. I'll be setting up pre-orders for signed copies, so if you're interested,...

The Thirst Character Questions

And now, Ladies and Gentleman, it's time to open up the questions post for The Thirst, my debut novel! Pending notification from an agent or publisher, the tentative date for release is June 15th, and I wanted to open up this slot here for you to ask questions you...

Character Questions

Asked and Answered! I've opened up this post here for readers to interact and leave questions they'd love to hear their favorite characters answer in exclusive interviews, or in the newsletter releases! This post is dedicated to the characters of Direwolf Dilemma for...

July Arts Walk Appearance!

July Arts Walk Appearance!

Hey there readers! I've got wonderful news, and I just HAD to share it with you. I have been contacted about attneding the July Arts Walk on High Street in Morgantown, WV as a published author! Not only am I super stoked about this, but I cannot wait to hear back to...

Another Paranormal Event Joins My List!

Today I woke up with two events on my calendar for this year, and now I'll be heading to bed with three on my list! That's right, paranormal readers asked and I answered! I'm signed up for the Moundsville State Pen's 2021 ParaCon! Moundsville State Penitentiary, Home...

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