This page is a collection of all the Series in my collection. For more information on each one, click the Button to visit their dedicated page.

Cryptid Legends Series

Dive into a world where the unbelievable is not only real, it’s the stuff of legends. From Mothman to the Jersey Devil, Loch Ness Monster to Kentucky Hellhounds, no matter how different, misunderstood, or alone you are, there’s always someone out there for you.

Season of the Genetic Superwolves

Subjected to genetic experimentation as children, these five wolves survived against the odds and lived to tell the tale. Follow them as they rise against an unjust government, fall in love, and enter the battle for the lives of all were-kind.

The Marvel-ous Mates of Artaxa Prime

When you’re stranded on an alien planet, full of native males who want to be your mate, there’s only one thing to do: get a bigger bed. How many alien mates is too many for one woman? (Characters based on MCU Men)

Caddy's Rescues

Hunters patrol the streets, taking paranormal beings hostage and treating them no better than pets–for sale to the highest bidder. But the Maxims have built their legacy on helping paranormals escape this fate using Caddy’s to secure their freedom.


Books that aren’t tied to any of my existing series can be found here. Time Travel Romance, Paranormal one-shots, and much more.

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