Alien Romance on Artaxa Prime is the best kind of loving!

I mentioned adding alien romance to my repertoire eventually, and the moment of truth has arrived. I bring you my newest series, The MARVEL-ous Mates of Artaxa Prime. Come with me on a journey into the great beyond, the planet of Artaxa Prime, where the aliens have a past that’s mired deep in genetic experimentation and alteration & the inhabitants aren’t even supposed to exist. aIt’s also where the government dumps all the things it never wants to see come to the light again–including the research team the United Galactic Hierarchy sends to confirm their suspicions.

The series is broken into four “projects”, which will make more sense as you get deeper into the series. It’s a reverse harem poly romance (yes some of the men will be bi, I am an LGBTQIA+ author and support diversity in characters and sexuality in my books) set in deep space with a commitment-shy female lead and about fifteen male leads who want to be hers–forever.

Each male on Artaxa Prime (and the ones she arrives with) are all based on men from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MUC) and though I won’t tell you outright who is who, it shouldn’t be hard for those of you familiar with these men to pick them out. (And there will be easter eggs for newsletter subscribers that will help identify the men Celeste is blessed with.) The first person to correctly guess who each male is will win a signed copy of the entire series and some special swag and artwork, but that won’t come for some time now–unlike Celeste.


When you’re stranded on an alien planet with over a dozen hot aliens who want to claim you, there’s only one thing to do: get a bigger bed.

When Celeste Ballatine took this government job, the last thing she expected was to crash on an uninhabited planet, leaving her separated from her crew and left for dead on the black sand beaches of Artaxa Prime. A primitive alien-lion hybrid finds her, and he speaks her language, but that’s the least concerning thing. His chief demands she takes an alien mate, and Celeste doesn’t do committed relationships. Not after last time.

Ta’alo rescued the beautiful alien female when she crashed from the sky and fell to their planet. Torn between his loyalty and honor when the chief refuses to let her leave, Ta’alo hatches a plan to help her escape this fate. Though technically she’s his, Ta’alo won’t let Celeste pay back his kindness with her body out of obligation.

Celeste is driven to find the crewmates she lost–the only permanent fixtures in her life. The only solution to the chief’s demands is a fake relationship with this dangerous yet honorable kitty, but this game of cat and mouse will turn into something more if they’re not careful.

If you’re into alien romance or Marvel men, you’ll want to check this out. Available on Amazon (Book 1: 3/23; Book 2: TBA).


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