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I’m Remy: an ADHD-riddled romance writer with an unquenchable desire to let the library of my soul spill onto the pages of thousands of books, giving readers a piece of myself in every character, every heartfelt moment, every single page they turn.

Whether it’s writing stories or in real life, I’m like the last dog in the house to respond to the treat whistle. When I finally come barreling into the kitchen, my nails don’t grab purchase on the linoleum, and I’m just left there skittering in place as my feet fail me and I slide across the floor. I arrive in a spectacular fashion: slightly out of breath, always late, loud as all get-out, and yet surprisingly impressive.

I live in the mountains of Appalachia with two small clones of my husband (hippie Jesus), a large wolf-dog hybrid whose favorite snack is my furniture, and five cats who secretly plot the takeover of the world from their convenient perch on my keyboard. I enjoy mundane things in life like fishing, camping, and mounted archery, though I’m sorely out of practice with the last one.

I’m a Pisces, an empath, and a mediator, and all I have to give, I give to my readers. I also like to hear from you, so never hesitate to reach out to me through my email!



I have just opened preordering for my debut vampyr novel, The Thirst! Find the links and more info on The Thirst’s page HERE. The statistics in this section are changed manually by me as things change, so they are only generalized estimates and rounded figures. If they aren’t correct, it’s because I’ve forgotten to come back and check them. If that’s the case, drop me a line! It’s quite possible between my ADHD and my depression, that it simply slipped my mind, and I appreciate the heads up.

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