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Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamed of writing books, becoming an author. When Covid-19 crippled the world, I finally found myself with enough free time on my hands to finally dive back into the world of fantasy and fiction that I’d grown up on. I am currently about to launch headfirst into this author thing, and I’m scared shitless, but I know that it’s one more step on the ladder to my dreams.

I live with my husband the hippie chef (who doesn’t cook at home), and our two sons–his personal clones–in the mountains of the Appalachian Range on the east coast, and our menagerie of pets–Dozer, our wolfdog; Smokey, Max, Gidget, and Skeeter, our cats; and the crazy eel and two fish in the tank that my kids haven’t managed to kill yet.

I grew up moving from state to state, with a very colorful and eventful childhood, not all of which was good. From my varied travels throughout life, I have taken the experiences I’ve gained and try to bring those experiences and events through in my characters, writing from a real-life, #OwnVoice perspective, and from whimsy at the same time.

I’m an open book and my inbox and comment section is always open, whether you want to talk for a while, or just ask a question. If you can’t reach me on social media or on here, you can always find me in my discord server, Remy’s Book Corner, where I and a host of my followers get together almost every day to chat about anything from writing to life.



I have just opened preordering for my debut vampyr novel, The Thirst! Find the links and more info on The Thirst’s page HERE. The statistics in this section are changed manually by me as things change, so they are only generalized estimates and rounded figures. If they aren’t correct, it’s because I’ve forgotten to come back and check them. If that’s the case, drop me a line! It’s quite possible between my ADHD and my depression, that it simply slipped my mind, and I appreciate the heads up.

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