The MARVEL-ous Mates of Artaxa Prime

A Reverse Harem Alien Romance Series

When the Unified Galactic Hierarchy’s Orbital Investigation Sector sends Dr. Balatine on a mission to retrieve some space junk that’s older than the government itself, she and her crew fast find themselves stranded on a planet full of alien life they were told didn’t exist. Now, the different races on the planet all want a claim on the first full Terran woman to land on their surface in hundreds of years, and Celeste fast finds that resistance is futile–and to survive, she must take alien mates. But how many men is too many for one woman? And will they ever make it off the planet? Will they even want to when all is said and done?

Project: Armageddon

Ta'alo's Tribe

Celeste and her crew are down, crashed on an alien planet that–until now–was believed to be uninhabited. Now, a sexy, strong lion hybrid male is offering himself as a secret fake mate to help Celeste escape his leader. But will the chief buy it? And how long can Ta’alo be a “good kitty”?

Hakai's Sky

Hakai’s been an outcast his whole life. But when Celeste strides into his world, soaking wet and looking at him with those heated glances, it ruffles his feathers like no other ever has. But she’s his best friend’s mate. She’s off-limits to a male like him.


Jealous Jax

Jax has always longed to get entangled with his sexy ship captain and long-time boss, but she’s always kept him at arm’s length. Now that they’re stranded on an alien planet, it appears his luck has changed. But can possibly he compete with the two alien males already sharing her bed?

Project: Purification

Coming Soon

Project: Restoration

Coming Soon

Project: Finality

Coming Soon

Project: Rebirth

Coming Soon

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